Egg Rarity

Each base egg may be held unhatched for sale at auction, or immediately hatched to reveal a Base Animal.

The NFT animal hatched from a Base Egg is determined by a blockchain-based probability factor, so each egg has the same probability of hatching an animal with any given rarity. Eggs will hatch animals grouped by different rarity tiers.

Base Eggs

Base eggs can be hatched to reveal a "Base" animal. First generation base eggs will hatch animals grouped by the following rarity tiers:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Super Rare

  • Epic

Base Eggs will always yield a base animal, which will yield $ZOO tokens, via the NFT.

Hybrid Eggs

Hybrid Eggs are the result of our breeding mechanism - two Base animals can be bred together to create a Hybrid Egg. These eggs will hatch a "Hybrid Animal," which is often a strangely beautiful or even comical combination of the two parent animals. Keep in mind, the same combination of parent animals isn't limited to one hybrid offspring... in fact, it may result in one of several variations. For example, the merging of an Elephant + Panda may yield the following, along with three others...

All hybrid animals have rarity levels, and may vary on the amount of $ZOO they yield.

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