Open Source SDK

We at CryptoZoo believe open sourced development is the future, and the community is everything. That is why we have open-sourced our project to allow developers from all walks of life to join the fun in developing and expanding CryptoZoo!
The biggest projects in the world are open sourced, and we figured we'd join their journey in making a decentralized future for everyone while having fun! We encourage experienced and new blockchain developers alike to join us and continue building the Zoo for years to come!
Developers are able to build on top of CryptoZoo and use the $ZOO token as their projects’ fundamental utility token. We're excited to see what will be built! Tools to help ZooKeepers? Another game incorporating CryptoZoo, and it's NFTs? Or even a spinoff of CryptoZoo - let’s create a Zoo planet together!
Join the fun on Github!