Our "Why?"

The reason for CryptoZoo

CryptoZoo was developed as a way to introduce blockchain technology, specifically NFTs, to new market participants by combining the proven success of gamified animal ownership with the anticipatory optimism of collecting trading cards. We wanted to create a seamless platform for users to enter a double sided world of crypto, bridging both tokens and NFTs.
CryptoZoo is poised to provide practical and sustainable NFT technology to the masses. Further, CryptoZoo builds on the traditional NFT model of uniqueness and scarcity that offers players the opportunity for potentially lucrative rewards. The ZOO theme is core fundamentally to a vibrant ecosystem whose value is driven by community participation.
While the $ZOO token currently lives in a game economy, it is our goal to merge both the digital and the physical worlds. Where user's utility of $ZOO can be yielded in many other aspects of gaming & commerce in something we call “Life-Play.” The world is a ZOO, and CryptoZoo symbiotically connects binary actions to a wide variety of real-world benefits.