RoadMap and Completed Milestones

Q4 2021
  • Hatch Day!
  • CryptoZoo hatching is introduced Marketplace Release
Q1 2022
  • Breeding Release
  • Exclusive NFT for people who hatch the first type of any animal (base or hybrid)
  • Zoo Yield
Q2 2022
  • 1st Game Reveal
Q3 2022
  • 2nd Game Reveal
Q4 2022
  • CryptoZoo Enters the Metaverse
The Ultimate goal of CryptoZoo is to make Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and blockchain gaming accessible to the mainstream. As this project will be open-sourced for the world to join, the roadmap may be subject to change. We can't wait to see what will become of this ecosystem and ZOO will be at the base of it all!
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