Utility of Zoo Tokens and NFTs

There are numerous ways for $ZOO to be utilized within the ecosystem - in-game transactions are available to players to support additional game functionality and provide further utility to the $ZOO token. The team will also be constantly adding applications for $ZOO within. and outside of the game, to expand on its utility.
Being that each animal is an NFT, an animal’s associated yield is trackable and can be attributed via the blockchain. This allows the yield & license of the animal to be accrued, traded or sold. If a specific animal’s likeness produces yield via a license or trademark, a portion of that yield in the real world will be distributed back to that specific animal's holders, allowing ZooKeepers to potentially earn outside of the game!
$ZOO tokens currently have the following utility:
  • Egg Purchasing
  • Breeding
  • Egg Incubation Boosts
  • Breeding Recovery Boosts
  • Marketplace Purchases
Our goal is to reward our community and give them as many options for utility as possible. Each animal, as an NFT, has ownership rights. In CryptoZoo, that applies to the unique trademarks associated with each NFT.