Yield in $ZOO

Yielding and earning Zoo tokens.

Hatched animals immediately yield $ZOO tokens at a rate determined by rarity, and some additional undisclosed factors nestled confidentially in our algorithm. The yield indicates a number of $ZOO tokens which will be allocated to the animal’s owner (daily). These yields are "infused" into the NFT and the NFT will accrue more and more $ZOO tokens, as time goes by.

In order for a ZooKeeper to retrieve their yielded $ZOO tokens, they must "release" their animal back into the wild. This will effectively burn the NFT. Once an animal is released, it is gone forever, and can never be owned by another ZooKeeper - begging the question... who will own the hybrid animal with the most valuable accrued yield? And, who will be the last to release, if ever...

For example, a Butterfly, which is a basic Common animal, has a yield of 100, meaning that one Butterfly will contribute 100 $ZOO tokens to its owner each day. After 30 days the Butterfly would accrue 3,000 $ZOO tokens; if at this point, the owner decides to "release" said animal, the accrued yield of 3000 $ZOO is sent to the wallet that previously owned the butterfly.

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